Chocolate Covered Oreos

Easter memories are some of my happiest. More often than not I would be wearing a dress made by my Grandmother with a white matching hat and we would dash around with a basket clanking filled with pretty hard-boiled eggs. Eventually we would find the basket- one for each of us- filled with precious treats, tasty goodies and chocolate tucked in the paper grass. For me Dark Chocolate of some shape or coating is an Easter day requirement and as an adult the one processed food I still maintain a weakness for are Oreos.

Although, I am often more partially to Newmans or Joes O’s or some other *faux* brand where I can feel a touch less guilty, but in this case we had the naught ones- the originals. Of course, since a plain old Oreo dipped in milk is perfectly delish why not dress it up and call it your own, by dipping them in chocolate instead (milk is perfectly legit and recommended after the chocolate has dried on). Next time, I plain to add a touch of coconut oil as I feel they will have less of a melt-in-your-finger-texture since coconut oil stays fairly solid at room temperature. Let me know if you try it with coconut oil.

These days I may not be into wearing an Easter bonnet, but I refuse to say good-bye to any Easter item dipped in Dark Bittersweet Chocolate.

1 cup chocolate chips or your favorite dark chocolate chopped
12 Oreos

Set a metal bowl on top of a small-medium sized saucepan 2/3rds full of water. Bring water up to a boil.
Once the bowl is hot, add in the chocolate chips. Slowly stir and fold the chips against the hot bowl.
Once the chocolate has melted, drop in one Oreo at a time. With two forks, gently flip them over until they are fully coated.

Place them on wax paper and allow to cool.

At this point, dip in milk or just eat as many as your tummy can handle in wild abandonment!


addie said...

mmmmmm! why don't you live by meeeee?????

Lori said...

Yummmmm - can't wait to try this one - lori mccormick :)
p.s. miss you!!!!